* #AegisNova Tokyo M2*

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* #AegisNova Tokyo M2*

Across both the first Measurements, the Enlightened have been inching forward to develop a lead at the #AegisNova Finale. The stakes are incredibly high today -- the Acolyte is poised to launch a devastating attack against ADA if her Faction triumphs today. Two measurements remain… the Enlightened lead by 1375, but given the scale of this Anomaly, that advantage is surmountable this early in the Anomaly if the Resistance rally.

The Enlightened lead in Tokyo: 4262 to 2887

Find detailed scores at http://investigate.ingress.com/aegis-nova-scoreboard/
View detailed Shard Tracking information at: http://thrakazog.com/aegis_nova/

Per-Portal information will be published at a later time.

Photo by Anne Beuttenmüller 

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