#AegisNova M3 scores

#AegisNova M3 scores

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#AegisNova Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur M3. The Enlightened push forward, but they are being trailed doggedly by their opponents. They lead Hyderabad by just 3 points, and Kuala Lumpur by only 27. Everything rests on M4...

Sydney M4 scores will be revealed after being announced live on the ground.
The Enlightened lead in Hyderabad: 188 to 185
The Enlightened lead in Kuala Lumpur: 322 to 295

Find detailed scores at http://investigate.ingress.com/aegis-nova-scoreboard/
View detailed Shard Tracking information at: http://thrakazog.com/aegis_nova/
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Per-Portal information will be published at a later time.

Photo by Derek Longbow