#AegisNova Update

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#AegisNova  Update
Agents, our intelligence operatives have been able to confirm the appearance of the following persons of interest as well as the availability of their corresponding 2016 dossier card. Our registration pages will be updated soon reflecting this change.

28 MAY 2016
Tainan, Taiwan [P] - TBD
Manila, Philippines - TBD
Chiang Mai, Thailand - Acolyte (in-person & card)

Rotterdam, Netherlands [P] - Jahan (in-person & card)
Cape Town, South Africa - Jahan (card only)
Padova, Italy - Jahan (card only)

Brooklyn, NY, USA [P] - P.A. Chapeau (in-person & card) & Susanna Moyer (in-person & card)
Savannah, GA, USA - P.A. Chapeau (card only)
Saint Paul, MN, USA - P.A. Chapeau (card only)

25 JUN 2016
Sydney, Australia [P] - Acolyte (in-person & card)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Acolyte (card only)
Hyderabad, India - Acolyte (card only)

Moscow, Russia [P] - ADA (electronic presence & card)
Dublin, Ireland - ADA (card only)
Nice, France - ADA (card only)

San Diego, CA, USA [P] - Oliver Lynton-Wolfe (in-person & card) & Susanna Moyer (in-person & card)
Salt Lake City, UT, USA - Oliver Lynton-Wolfe (card only)
Calgary, AB, Canada - Oliver Lynton-Wolfe (card only)

16 JUL 2016
Tokyo, Japan [P] - Jahan (in-person & card)