RUCKGRESS Class Numbers

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 RUCKGRESS Class Numbers

Agents.  You asked for it and we have answered your call. 
Listed below is every GORUCK x INGRESS anomaly event up until the present time. Every Class Number. Every Location. 
At GORUCK, we take pride in our Class Numbers and in being alumni of celebrated endurance competitions that test both your Body and your Will.

Hallowed Warriors, take pride in your accomplishments.

See you at soon for the next challenge.

#Ruckgress  Ingress 

Event     -     City     -     Class Number
Custom Light (Niantic Labs)    San Francisco, California     001
Light Challenge (PERSEPOLIS)    Washington, DC    776 (002)
Light Challenge (PERSEPOLIS)     Portland, Oregon     853 (003)
Light Challenge (ABADDON)     New Orleans, Louisiana     1023 (004)
Light Challenge (ABADDON)     Okinawa, Japan     1061 (005)
Light Challenge (ABADDON)    Oakland, CA       1060 (006)
Urban Ops     Hamamatsu, Japan     007
Urban Ops     Madrid, Spain     008
Urban Ops     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil     009
Urban Ops     Milwaukee, Wisconsin     010
Urban Ops     Seattle, Washington     011
Urban Ops     Hong Kong, China     012
Urban Ops     Copenhagen, Denmark     013
Urban Ops     Vienna, Austria     014
Urban Ops     Orlando, Florida     015
Urban Ops     San Antonio, Texas     016
Urban Ops     Tucson, Arizona     017
Urban Ops     Mexico City, Mexico     018
Urban Ops     Colombo, Sri Lanka     019
Stealth Ops    Hamamatsu, Japan     001
Stealth Ops     Madrid, Spain     002
Stealth Ops     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil     003
Stealth Ops     Milwaukee, Wisconsin     004
Stealth Ops     Seattle, Washington     005
Stealth Ops     Hong Kong, China     006
Stealth Ops     Colombo, Sri Lanka     007
Stealth Ops     Copenhagen, Denmark     008
Stealth Ops     Vienna, Austria     009
Stealth Ops     Orlando, Florida     010
Stealth Ops     San Antonio, Texas     011
Stealth Ops     Tucson, Arizona     012
Stealth Ops     Mexico City, Mexico     013