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Agents, thank you for your patience! The issues with the tiered Mission Day medal count have been resolved. Your scanners should now reflect the number of past Mission Days that you have attended and earned a medal for in the past. All Mission Days that were attended in the past, where the required amount of missions were completed from the launch of the missions until the end of Sunday (local time) were counted. Obsidian Mission Day missions on April 3rd Obsidian Missions Day are not included. They will be rewarded shortly.

The new tiered Mission Day Medal will also now count towards leveling. The Mission Day Medal tiers are:

Bronze: 1
Silver: 3
Gold: 6
Platinum: 10
Onyx: 20

Keep an eye on our Mission Day listings here: www.ingress.com/events for an event near you. If you would like to get a Mission Day in your town you can apply here: www.ingress.com/missionday