Exciting news, Agents.

Originally shared by Ingress

Exciting news, Agents. Tigerair Taiwan will provide up to a 50% discount promotion code, exclusively available for Agents flying through Kaohsiung and continuing on to Tainan, for the Aegis Nova Ingress XM Anomaly.

In order to get the discount, please go to Tigerair Taiwan’s official website at http://www.tigerair.com/tw/zh from 0:01 on April 22 to 23:59 on April 24th (Taiwan Time GMT+8) and enter the promotion code “ITGE50”. The code is only valid for a travel period between May 23 to June 3. The promotion code can apply to the following 3 routes:
NRT (Narita International Airport) - KHH (Kaohsiung International Airport)
KIX (Osaka International Airport) - KHH (Kaohsiung International Airport)
MFM (Macau International Airport) - KHH (Kaohsiung International Airport)

You will also receive one Rare Load Out card at the registration by showing your printed flight itinerary. To be eligible, you must be registered as an on-site participant with the official Ingress registration page for the Tainan Aegis Nova Anomaly.

Thank you Tigerair Taiwan for your strong support of Agents who visit Tainan!

Note: You need to visit their official website using your desktop NOT mobile browser on your smartphone. The discount will only be applied to the price that is struck through on the search result page.