Beautiful! A nice way to spend a lazy Sunday morning 😎

Beautiful! A nice way to spend a lazy Sunday morning 😎

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It’s just a matter of time when all will return to the shadows of time…. leaving behind a trail of memories….


Ingress Mumbai has always been a place of unexpected possibilities with its urban landscape a fierce battleground between the Enlightened and the Resistance.

This time the unexpected came in the form of an X-Fac Op.

The seeds for this Op were laid down during a chance encounter between agents @victoriazph and @kamehameha at Mumbai’s iconic Shivaji Park. It was in the midst of this casual conversation that the idea of doing an X – Fac Op was bandied about. The casually proposed thought soon snowballed into a passionate idea. Soon enough the infectious energy of the two agents led to the formation of a small coterie of agents who believed in the idea.

Several brainstorming sessions followed during which many crazy ideas were floated. From Anime and Superhero icons to the Olodum and even a tribute to the classic novel 1984 we saw them all. But in the end the single idea that caught the fancy of everyone was the simple yet powerful image of a Dove – the symbol of peace.

@victoriazph provided the first draft plan for the image which was subsequently improved upon by Agent @kamehameha. With the plans getting solidified more agents were brought into the fold.

TG and Whatsapp groups were quickly organised – and the small coterie of agents quickly grew into a bevy of excited agents all looking forward to the X Faction Op.

Plans were made and the Dove Structure that stretched across the crowded marketplace region of South Mumbai was divided into 4 major portions – the Body would be covered by Team Resistance and the Head, Bottom and Top wings by Team Enlightened.

The op was scheduled for execution on the 10th of April – a lazy Sunday morning with each team following their individual execution plan.

Team Resistance led by Management student @kamehameha chose a structured and well planned strategy to execute their portion of the plan. The team chose to leverage local agents and ensured keys to every target portal were farmed beforehand for distribution. Credit goes to Agents @Kaekaerot and @Agropole for strolling the streets in the middle of the night to farm portal keys. The Resistance Teams were structured into 4 field teams and one agent manning the role of Eye in the Sky. The teams were imaginatively named S, M, U, R and F.

There was a brief period of tension when agents from Team Enlightened accidentally cleared a body link. The mistake was quickly rectified by Agent @TheLostGhost who left his place on Intel to rectify the links.

The close coordination of the team and surgical execution led to a quick close of the Body Structure of the Dove in just 75 mins.

Team ENL led by @victoriazph found themselves in the rather disadvantageous position of not having farmed key beforehand. But the Team countered this issue with a well planned route and key farming strategy that made use of the limited number of agents involved in the op. Each agent was provided with a Google Doc file that clearly laid out the number of keys to be farmed for each portal and the linking strategy. Agents were then mapped out based on the size of the area to be covered -3 to cover the Top Wing, 2 to cover the Bottom Wing and 2 to cover the Head.

With all these well laid out plans the idea of something going wrong seemed almost improbable. But then Of course an Op without a last minute crisis could barely be called a successful Op.

The first whammy was the unexpected backing out of our Intel Operator who had to exit the Op due to a sudden personal engagement. Unfamiliarity with the area and of course the vast ground to be covered meant the agents were jittery. Issues got further complicated when agents accidentally began attacking portals that were key to the Body portion of the op. But help quickly arrived in the form of Agent @JetPackNimmo who offered to play the role of Intel operator and ably helped the agents on ground.

No sooner had this issue been settled that another crisis struck in the form of Agent @Ge
erivana informing the team that his battery was dying down and that he did not have any backup battery.@Geerivana was to be handling a major portion of the field on his own and his role was critical to the success of the Op. The battery issue was a body blow to the team! But once again help was always at hand with local agent’s @codyattack and @domalution coming to the rescue.

With all this drama and crisis forming a chaotic backdrop Team ENL finally laid down the final links that gave wings to the X Fac Art quite literally.

The end of the OP saw the agents from both factions mingling and engaging in friendly banter and putting faces to the names they had only seen on Ingress Comms.

While the Art itself was short lived the memories, camaraderie and friends made would definitely last a long time and help bring the two warring factions in a closer yet continually competitive relationship.





Eye in the Sky


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