via Ingress​

via Ingress​

Stay true or betray their Faction? A group of Agents have been given a hard choice for a reward. 


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Who should Agent BigMatty share the Artifacts from the box with?

For those who are not aware, Agent Matt Stevenson and some of his friends are currently in control of a set of powerful Artifacts. These were recovered after a mysterious box that was sent to Susanna Moyer was opened in Seattle using a key recovered by Enlightened Agents in Bologna.

In the last day, Agent BigMatty and his fellow Enlightened have been given a difficult choice. Both Jahan and the Acolyte have offered to share valuable intelligence with them in exchange for access to the Artifacts.

Jahan, with her vast network of resources, is offering a much greater reward, but her loyalty lies with the Resistance.

The Acolyte has less valuable information to share, but she and the Agents both believe in the vision of the Enlightenment.

It is unknown what choice these Agents will make, but the entire Enlightened Faction is depending on them. What choice would you make in their shoes?