Lawson Power Cube

Originally shared by Ingress

Lawson Power Cube
Developer: IQTech East

The Lawson Power Cube is an enhanced version of the standard Power Cube which provides XM storage greater than all other known variations.  Unlike the standard Power Cube, it can automatically route XM to the Scanner until it is exhausted.

IQTech East was established by Ezekiel Calvin shortly before his disappearance during the Shōnin Anomaly. Major Akira Tsukasa, a respected research scientist with longstanding ties to Calvin, helped IQTech East recruit a team of promising young researchers in Asia.  Building on Dr. Lynton-Wolfe's Power Cube research, IQTech East discovered a new method of folding XM objects inspired by origami. Resources for this project were provided by  the Lawson Corporation, a Japanese company seeking to use XM technology to revitalize communities.