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#IngressObsidian 01 has concluded. The next series starts on 2 APR 2016. The current overall score stands at Enlightened 15772 to Resistance 10007. Here is your summary of events in the order they occurred:

Hamamatsu Final Score: ENL 7482 to RES 3100 (Shards included)
https://plus.google.com/ +Ingress/posts/Tt3rusKwgyT

Madrid Final Score: ENL 846 to RES 1741

Rio Final Score: ENL 1200 to RES 2400

Milwaukee Final Score: ENL 444 to RES 1566

Seattle Final Score: ENL 5800 to RES 1200

We also want to share some of our favorite memories from the weekend that we gathered from social media and our own sources on the ground. If you have interesting videos or photos from this weekend, be sure to share them with #IngressObsidian . 

Madrid player photo credits: Lamia Alonso 
Rio player photo credits: Emily Dent 

Videos of Interest:
GoRuck Seattle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIy_MxzfvK8
GoRuck Hamamatsu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRgrmA_s2h8