#IngressObsidian Day1. ENL win Seattle, Hamamatsu. RES win Milwaukee, Rio, Madrid. Enl lead Series.

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#IngressObsidian Day1. ENL win Seattle, Hamamatsu. RES win Milwaukee, Rio, Madrid. Enl lead Series.

The first day of the #Obsidian Anomalies has come to rest, and it was truly something to behold. It began in Hamamatsu as the Enlightened launched themselves to a large and early advantage. Immediately after, the Resistance began their counter-offensive taking the Madrid, Milwaukee and Rio de Janeiro Anomalies and significantly mitigating the Enlightened lead. It all came down to Seattle. A strong showing from the Resistance could have evened the playing field for April 2, but it was not to be. The Enlightened swarmed the Seattle Anomaly Zone, capturing 58 Shards compared to 12 for the Resistance. As the April 2 Anomalies approach, the Resistance face a difficult challenge. Given their history, it isn’t insurmountable, but it will make for a very interesting day.

The Resistance leader, Jahan, will be on the ground in Orlando that day. Her goal is to create a powerful ancient Artifact called the Obsidian Shield and wield it against the Shapers. The Acolyte, Roland Jarvis’s spiritual successor will be in Vienna. She too is pursuing the Obsidian Shield, but believes its power can be aimed at the N’zeer. Both of these powerful and driven Faction leaders are depending on Agents around the world to help them achieve their goals.

Congratulations to all who stood up for their Factions today. And good luck for what lies ahead.

#Obsidian Series Score
Enlightened: 15772
Resistance: 10007

#Obsidian: Seattle
Flash Shard Anomaly - Final Report

Enlightened: 58 Shards
Resistance: 12 Shards

"Final Anomaly Score:
(Each Shard has a value of 100 in the #Obsidian Anomaly Series.)
Enlightened: 5800
Resistance: 1200"

This Flash Shard Anomaly was controlled by the Enlightened, who claimed 58 Shards.

The Resistance trailed with 12 Shards.

Congratulations, Agents.