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via Niantic Project 

Hank Johnson  reveals his version of the events that unfolded in the #Abaddon Nest.


Originally shared by Hank Johnson

Some folks have asked me if Felicia Hajra-Lee's version of the events in the #Abaddon Chamber are accurate.

Look, we all know she has an uncanny gift, but truth be told, it was a hell of a lot weirder than that. And so chaotic.

First, you have to remember that these researchers were coming back as Simulacra. We lost the opportunity to prevent that during #Abaddon. Each of them came into being standing not three feet from a chamber containing their own body.

I've experienced this.

I can tell you it's disorienting as hell.

And there were no eloquent speeches. Not from me, and not from Calvin. I tried my best to explain the rules of being a simulacra to them. 1331 days and all that. How they had, to quote a better writer than I'll ever be, come unstuck in time. How three years had passed them by and they would have no memory of it. 

Calvin tried to backtrack himself out of the situation, but they didn't even know it was his fault, and I couldn't fully persuade them it was.

It all just went over their heads, I think. They were confused and disoriented and scared. 

And different. 

I didn't want to believe that they had been shaped by their time in the Portal Network, during  #Shonin and #Persepolis and #Abaddon, but they had been. From the way they reacted to the truth about what Niantic had become, to the way they stood in groups, to they way some of them acted towards Jahan, it was clear these were different versions of the same people I had known.

For all intents and purposes, Jahan is focal point of the Resistance now -- she's the leader of Anti-Magnus -- and the way Misty Hannah, Devra Bogdanovich, Stein Lightman and the rest were drawn to here, even without knowing who she even was... it was uncanny. 

I'm told the Acolyte's people reached out to Calvin, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and Yuri Alaric Nagassa just hours after they emerged from the nest. I don't know what transpired between them, but if I had to guess, they were probably subconsciously drawn to her too. After Jarvis died, she became what he was -- she now stands at the center of the Enlightened movement -- they must have sensed that.

As for A Detection Algorithm and Roland Jarvis, I don't know what's become of them. I heard that ADA lost her connection to the N'zeer. For her, that must have been traumatic, like losing all of your senses in an instance. As for Jarvis, it wouldn't surprise me if he had become trapped in some trans-dimensional cage. I heard some reports that the Acolyte collapsed just moments after the #Abaddon Anomaly in Milan came to an end -- like she had lost an inner source of strength.

Wouldn't surprise me, but again, that's just what I heard...