via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

Is the Acolyte more than just one of +Roland Jarvis's adherents? Are they somehow connected, as +H. Richard Loeb suggests?

He'll be in Milan for the #Abaddon Anomaly... perhaps one of you could find him and get more details from him in person.


Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

Some of you may already know this, but I'm headed to Milan for the #Abaddon Anomaly. Hope to see some of you folks there.

There's something about the Acolyte that I've been trying to figure out. I think she's more than just someone who carries on his work in the world. I think she's connected to Roland Jarvis. Somehow bound to his pattern in 'The Ultimate.'

There isn't a specific piece of evidence that I can point to that confirms this. I feel like I'm just seeing that pattern emerge from everything we know about her. What do you think? Is it pareidolia or am I on to something?