via Niantic Project

via Niantic Project 

Hank Johnson  shares an update from South America before he begins his journey north -- toward the ‪#‎Abaddon‬ Anomaly in Oakland.


Originally shared by Hank Johnson

It's common knowledge now that I was/am involved in an operation with Jahan in South America. (obfuscating for security reasons)

I'm not going to say much about it -- there's obvious opportunity for blowback. The opposition tied to this particular op is/was of an extremely unsavory strain. I don't mind getting my hands dirty, but... this is not something I enjoy.

As for the intel leak from a few days ago. Trust me, the corporate types are the least of my worries right now.

In the coming week, I'm going to be making my way north. Headed to the Bay Area. Oakland.

Some investigators have been probing the connections between #Abaddon and Josiah Harlan’s ill-fated journey from Afghanistan to San Francisco - the final resting place of the original Niantic ship after leaving Payta in Peru.

It's possible (maybe even likely) that the Niantic was carrying a Prime Artifact, and Harlan was chasing after it. 

There are, in fact, theories that the Niantic may have been carrying a fragment of 'The Original' XM Artifact, with a history that goes back to the stone age.

Anyway. It's all smoke and mirrors until I've got proof in hand. Can’t say more right now.

If you're going to be in Oakland during the #Abaddon Anomaly, come see me.