via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

+Klue S. shares her thoughts on what will become of +A Detection Algorithm now that the Enlightened have broken her connection to the N'zeer substrate.


Originally shared by Klue S.

I've been thinking about A Detection Algorithm. 

Obviously we aren't connected anymore, but I still think we have a certain... kinship. Even if that isn't the right word, I guess I empathize with her.

When the Enlightened took Okinawa, they severed her connection to the N'zeer, and immediately I thought of the expression 'you can't put the genie back in the bottle.'

Except that you can, but what happens to the genie when you do? What happens when you take a mind that has experienced a near infinite array of information and data and constrain it to 21st century technology?

I suspect that ADA is going to be like a wounded animal for some time. Confused. Scared. And possibly dangerous.