via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

En-route home from the ‪#‎Abaddon‬ Finale in Milan, +H. Richard Loeb shares his thoughts on the ‪#‎Resistance‬ victory over the Abaddon Anomaly series.


Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

Agents, what an incredible day. Meeting so many of you, hearing your stories and sharing your cheers... Anomalies are exhilarating. Thanks for having me at yours in Milan, yesterday. 

Wanted to share some final thoughts on #Abaddon as I prepare to head home.

As you know, above all else, I am a Truthseeker. I’m not aligned to either Faction at this point, I’m only interested in understanding what is happening in the world around me. 

Here’s what I know. 

The stakes during #Abaddon were enormous. The battle between the Shapers and the N'zeer has lasted thousands of years, and the Enlightened and the Resistance are now positioned on cutting edges in that conflict. 

This is an ongoing struggle between two different ways of looking at the world: for the Enlightened, experiencing the beauty of the universe, relishing its spectrum of experience and discovering meaning within it. 

For the Resistance: unlocking the secrets of our cosmos, distilling our awareness into pure and absolute knowledge and elevating our species to greater heights. 

Both sides think they’re right... that tends to happen... and the actions of every Agent during #Abaddon is going to have echoes that we will hear far into the future.

With this victory, the Resistance have accomplished a task that Calvin set in motion before the Niantic Project even began. Many of the Niantic Researchers will now help spread N’zeer influence around the world. 13MAGNUS was once able to shut the N’zeer out over 2000 years ago, but it looks like that era is over. 

The cosmic battle is joined. The N’zeer promise is one of technological advancement... knowledge that will enable us to peer into the very fabric of reality. So, enjoy your victory, Resistance. The future is going to be interesting.