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via Niantic Project 

Who is the true Resistance? Who is the true Enlightened?

Klue S. has seen both paths, and shares her opinion on the matter.


Originally shared by Klue S.

Agents often ask me about the true nature of the Resistance and the Enlightenment, because in the last few years I've managed to travel both paths.

I saw a very insightful comment on one of the Niantic Project threads a few days ago... the comment was made by Richard Jennings on the post called Awakening. In some ways, he captured many of my thoughts.

The truth of the matter is, there is no such thing as 'definitive' Resistance, or 'definitive' Enlightened. Like many things in life, ideology and philosophy are complex things. As PAC would say... anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

So who speaks for the Resistance? Is it A Detection Algorithm? She believes that Artificial Intelligence is the next inevitable stepping stone for sentience on Earth. Is it Devra Bogdanovich? Her original position was that all XM is evil and must be counteracted. What about Jahan? She believes that the N'zeer and humans have shared a common goal, to end suffering and bring forth progress powered by knowledge -- a goal that the Shapers have corrupted. Or what about the NIA? They would seek to use XM to benefit mankind, but only as long as they get to control how it is used.

What about the Enlightenment? Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs would say that the eradication of AIs is the most important aspect of our path forward, so that we are never trapped in a world devoid of mystery and the unexplainable. Roland Jarvis might suggest that exploring the 'garden' of our world is the best use of our energies, so that Our Friends in the Ultimate might consume this experience and further our symbiotic relationship. For Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, evolution was ultimately about science and a deeper pursuit of knowledge. For Azmati or Hank Johnson, Enlightenment might be about preserving the ancient ways of interacting with the Portals. 

So who is the real Enlightened? Who is the real Resistance? Who is the true ambassador of those ways of thought? Hank Johnson? Devra Bogdanovich? Roland Jarvis? A Detection Algorithm? 

If you're still asking that question, Agent, I think you've missed the point :)