#MissionsForGood are back!

#MissionsForGood are back!

Originally shared by Ingress

Agents - last year, we introduced #MissionsForGood as a way to give back to the community.  Based on it’s success, we’re doing it again this year and are excited to see Agents enjoying them.  Please join us in both by playing other Agents’ #MissionsForGood and creating your own #MissionsForGood (see a great example here: https://goo.gl/HMOnTk),  following the steps below:

1.  Identify a local charity that you’d like to donate to
2.  Create a #MissionsForGood Mission through our Mission Creator Tool (https://goo.gl/Ptozio ) with the following criteria:

- Mission title MUST include “ #MissionsForGood “ to qualify
- Mission should be focused on discovering the local community and giving back to your chosen charity (examples are food and clothing donations).
- Missions must follow all of the normal criteria listed here: https://goo.gl/UoQtNH 

3.  Submit your Mission
4.  Play both yours and other Agent’s Missions

We’re keeping an eye out for Missions submitted with a title that includes " #MissionsForGood - " and will fast track approvals for those.  Please keep in mind that you must submit Missions using existing Portals only.  

Share your #MissionsForGood on social and spread the fun.