A billion mind units and a whole bunch of fish units 😉

A billion mind units and a whole bunch of fish units 😉

Good work, Agents!!

Originally shared by Prem Gianchandani.

Operation Ganimi Kava

Success is not Final, Failure is not Fatal, It is the Courage to continue that counts."

As the #Abaddon anomaly was coming to an end and Global MU boost had a role in the anomaly scores, Resistance agents across India collaborated in multiple operations to contribute to the Abaddon series finale.

A series of large layered blue triangles were quickly organised by the Res in order to make a comeback after an early lead by the ENL.

Agents in Mumbai, Pune, Buxar, Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry, Kota made several BAFs in a day’s time with agents from everywhere reporting for ground work, some sacrificing their long standing guardian portals in the process and some even helping out in the middle of their wedding preparations. 

Agents in Delhi drove over 300kms to take down ENL fields making sure the green worm on the chart kept going down.

Agents from all of South India collaborated with rest of South Asia and South East Asia in making #OperationLapras a grand success.

Total Contribution of MUs : ~1 billion Mind Units

Fields : some 18-20 worth millions of MU

Time Span : Two Days

Contributing Agents


































Contributors in Operation Lapras

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