via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

+Hank Johnson reveals that he is in contact with Jahan... and it looks like his next steps will bring them back together on the trail of #Abaddon.

He'll need to watch his back...


Originally shared by Hank Johnson

Rule #1. Assume no secrecy. Not when we are all observed by sysint, elint, humint and now XMint, and to top that off we have no idea what ADA’s enhanced capabilities are. To spare somebody else the trouble, I’ll break the story. I’ve been contacted by Jahan. She said she needs my help. Can I trust her? Of course not. But I'm also starting to realize that... whatever #Abaddon is... I'm not going to crack it without her. Not a chance. She may in fact be the only person who knew what Calvin was really up to during the Niantic era.

That’s the problem with frenemies -- strange bedfellows -- coopetitors -- frankly I don't know what to call this 'alliance.' Last time I saw her she was threatening to kill me. This time, she needs me -- and for better or worse I need her. 

It will be fascinating to learn what has become of her since ADA’s revelation and confrontation in the Anti-Magnus nest (I presume in Persepolis, but perhaps she'll shed more light on exactly where it was). 

She was not specific about the mission she needs me for, but I have a feeling it is going to connect, one way or the other, with the Howard Craft document. It can't be a coincidence that the salt island which today grows hot peppers was once called Abaddon. Or is the word just a label for the function a place serves to the Anti-Magnus? The thought's crossed my mind. 

What's becoming clear to me now is that everything that's been happening... since Helios... since Interitus. Maybe since 13MAGNUS. No. Scratch that. Since Niantic was just the spark of an idea in Calvin's mind. It's all been part of something the N’zeer and their operatives (Anti-Magnus) have been planning for two millennia. Amazing patience. Or is time different for them?

For now, I'm headed south. Into the sun. Jahan's waiting.