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#IngressReport is live. Chaotic Matter Emerging. Resistance sweep Flash Shards. Sitreps and more.

NOTE: The previous version of this episode contained a user generated image from social media, which has been removed for inaccuracy.

0:08 Susanna Moyer takes a look at recent changes to the Ingress Scanner caused by Strategic Explorations' work with Chaotic Matter.

1:10 Around the world, the Portals experienced a dramatic but short-lived disturbance last week. Reports indicate that a sudden increase in Portal aggression may have been caused by the Shapers as a response to rising N'zeer influence. 1:33 A video from an Anti-Magnus nest showing a strange series of interactions between ADA and Jahan may support this theory.

4:08 Susanna looks back at the Flash Shards Anomalies that took place in Zurich and London on October 24th, and explores what lies at stake on November 14th, as  #Abaddon XM Anomalies approach in New Taipei City, Hamburg and New Orleans.

3:03 Sitreps from Turkey, Spain and Italy get the  #IngressReport treatment, and 6:38 in Yokosuka, over 2000 Agents joined together to take part in the largest  #MissionDay ever.

7:34 The one year anniversary of the  #IngressFS movement is tomorrow. Find one near you at ingress.com/events.

7:59 Two famous authors in the world of Ingress are in the news as well. In Japan, the translation of Felicia Hajra-Lee's iconic novella The Niantic Project: Ingress raced to the top of the bestselling charts, and Tycho's latest series of visions, Ingress: Origins has begun to surface, shedding light on many of the mysteries that lie at the heart of Niantic.

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