#Abaddon Milano

#Abaddon Milano

Originally shared by Don Darkness (Alex FUHA)

Come to Milano they said, so i do. :-) Join the Resistance in Milano, Italy @ the 12th of December 2015. Be part a a really awesome event, with really awesome agents. Exist to Resist - Hell Yeah.

Now, enjoy the little Video in Fullscreen and Volume UP!

Hey Ho, lets go!

Anne Beuttenmüller Matilde Tusberti Riccardo Serafini Vincenzo Di Nello John Hanke Niantic Project NIA Ops Hank Johnson A Detection Algorithm [redacted] Linda Besh Niantic Klue S. Behind The Scanner GORUCK GORUCK HQ JoJo Stratton Devra Bogdanovich Pooja Srinivas Ingress Verity Seke Julia Vivienne Loverdose Nadja Black Vicki Ellen Lucy Shires Mace Windu Ina Reding Jess Jackson Kira Kage Atis Lezdiņš Sean S wother ronin Patrick W Alexander Becker Stefano Scardigno Jymm Verity Eliza Repina Dominik Hoffmann Gene C Ruth Shepherd 

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