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via Niantic Project​

What happened at Jahan's family's estate? +H. Richard Loeb has a theory.


Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

The Question: What happened at Jahan’s Family Mansion/Palace (I’m not sure what the right implication of the word ‘Haveli’ is) while she was off at Persepolis?  

I’ve done some digging and here’s what I’ve come up with. First off, Constable Rakshan is keeping his mouth shut, but I doubt everybody around him has as, uh, close a relationship with Jahan as he did, so maybe some of them are talking. Story goes something like this. People heard gunfire the other night. They said it sounded odd and muffled, maybe it was silencers on the gun, maybe there’s some kind of... let’s say, anomalous activity messing with the sound. 

So who killed the stiffs at Jahan’s palace?  Hulong is trying to convince us that they’re guards in service to Jahan. There are other stories buzzing around that they were Hulong/Strategic Explorations operatives and Ni and Smith don’t want it coming out that Hank Johnson took down a bunch of their thugs. Of course that might be disinformation. So make of it what you will.

Point is, I’m good with the idea that Hank deactivated the Nest at Jahan’s palace. 

That tells us something.  Hank had to have the tool to deactivate it. It’s not the Shōnin Stone, a) that’s specific to the 13MAGNUS Nest in Afghanistan and b) the Shōnin Stone might well have been destroyed by the other prime artifact present -- Azmati’s dagger.  

So what did Hank use and where did he get it?  The ‘what’ is speculation, but I’ve got a strong suspicion as to where he got it.

Let’s see if you’re thinking the same thing I am.