via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

+Carrie Campbell and +enoch dalby. Resistance and Enlightened. Two parts of a whole that enabled us to uncover tremendous mysteries. How did their differences create the complementary inspiration they found in each other?


Originally shared by Klue S.

So here's a followup to something we've been talking about for the last few days, and I noticed that some commenters were able to notice this important fact.

enoch dalby and Carrie Campbell were two halves of a perfect whole. Together, they unlocked one of the greatest mysteries in the world of XM: The Shaper Glyphs.

And yet, they were drawn to opposite places in terms of their feelings towards Exotic Matter.

Carrie was Resistance. Enoch, Enlightened.

So what does mean? Could it be that the interaction between these two separate points of view is what enabled them to unlock the secrets contained in XM? 

Or maybe, the Shaper Glyphs aren't Shaper Glyphs at all. Maybe they truly are a universal language, something outside of the both the Shapers and the N'zeer...

Food for thought. I don't have the answer, only some theories. Be interested to hear yours.