RSVP for the #Abaddon events

RSVP for the #Abaddon events

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Agents, start your Scanners!  Complete #Abaddon XM Anomaly Series details are now available for all 28 cities around the world. Important Reminder:  you must officially register and order your tickets at one of the links below in order to attend an Anomaly and receive an Abaddon in-app medal.  You can find detailed information on each city on both Google+ and Facebook Ingress pages.  Thank you for your patience.  

OCTOBER 10: Flash Shards Special Event
Boston, MA, USA:
Houston, TX, USA:

OCTOBER 24: Flash Shards Special Event

NOVEMBER 14: XM Anomalies 
Banqiao, New Taipei City, TAIWAN  [P] --
Bangkok, THAILAND [s]  --
Manila, PHILIPPINES  [s] --
Sydney, AUSTRALIA  [s] --

Hamburg, GERMANY  [P] --
Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM  [s] --
Seville, SPAIN  [s] --
Zagreb, CROATIA  [s] --

New Orleans, LA, USA  [P] --
Charlotte NC, USA  [s] --
Guatemala City, GUATEMALA  [s] --
Pittsburgh, PA, USA  [s] --

DECEMBER 12: XM Anomalies 
Okinawa, JAPAN  [P] --
Seoul, SOUTH KOREA  [s] --
Singapore, SINGAPORE  [s] --
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND  [s] --

Milan, ITALY  [P] --
Gdansk, POLAND  [s] --
Porto, PORTUGAL  [s] --
Sofia, BULGARIA  [s] --

Oakland, CA, USA  [P] --
Fort Worth, TX, USA  [s] --
Lima, PERU  [s] --
Phoenix, AZ, USA  [s] --

Are you ready, Agents?