#MissionDay Istanbul

#MissionDay Istanbul

Originally shared by Ugur Tetik (uTe1sT)

SITREP: Mission Day Istanbul, October 17 2015.

Istanbul is the city of harmony. 
Istanbul is where West meets East. 
Istanbul is where many different cultures met through ages.

There is no other city in the world, that when it was conquered, a new Age has begun.

Over 150 agents from both factions and several countries had gathered for an epic Mission Day, as we promised. 

It was a lovely autumn day and everyone was so excited, you could see it from their faces! Not to mention that it was one of the few moments that both factions would meet on the field ;)

We started with a tour on Asian side, I could see the smiles of everyone even as we just started! Around an hour or so later, we took the ferry to Europe. 

Have you ever been to two continents for a Mission Day? We did..

We visited Dolmabahce Palace, roamed through hundreds year-old streets, went to Galata Tower, crossed Galata Bridge, visited Spice Bazaar, seen Haghia Sophia and finally, the Blue Mosque with all its might.

We walked and walked to explore the beauties of Istanbul and as we moved, all I could see was more and more smiles..

We just wanted to share what we have seen with you guys as well.
Hope you like it and watch it with a smile on your face.


uTe1sT - ResisTR


Thank you very much for the opportunity
Anne Beuttenmüller Ethan Lepouttre John Hanke Matilde Tusberti Pooja Srinivas Ingress  NIA Ops 

I'd really love thanking all fellow Resistance agent who helped me through this but I'm afraid I might be missing a name. One deserves a special thanks though. Tyvm for all your efforts Agent @aboIy( Abdullah TANIDIR ) and a big THANK YOU, to all of you :)

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