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Klue S. stands at the helm of the #IngressReport, bringing fresh intel about the #Abaddon Anomalies and the ten Niantic Project Researchers whose fates lie entangled within them.

A single researcher will be connected to each Anomaly, and by controlling the Researchers, the Factions will be able to gain control of the #Abaddon series as a whole.

Join the struggle for #Abaddon. Find an Anomaly near you at ingress.com/events, or help drive the Global MU up for your Faction.

Mission Days are just around the corner, on October 17th and 31st.

Epic sitreps from around the world get the #IngressReport treatment, including Operation Terrapin, Lucky Polar Bear, Smurf the Earth, Operation Chaos, OPauliteiros, SunkenSardinia, Harvest, Urban Monsoon and many, many more.

Share your epic Sitreps on Google+ and Facebook using #Ingress, and be sure to capture your adventure with photos and video.