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via Ingress 

Operation Green Flame follows operation Blue Moon covering Sri Lanka. Very impressive agents! Can we expect a cross faction operation soon? 

Originally shared by Thushara Perera

Operation Green Flame
Location : Sri Lanka
Date : 30th August 2015
Total MU : 250 Million+

The Sri Lankan Enlightened coordinated with agents from India, Maldives and Indonesia to create massive fields worth 250+ Million MU on 30th August 2015.

I wouldn’t say that this was a massive operation, but a pretty strategic and timely planned one. Four countries in the operation, and agents from L6 to L16 were involved. This operation was an example that shows how adaptive planning can yield more effective results than an initial plan. Sri Lanka, India, Maldives and Indonesia are the four countries, and 24 agents were involved in this operations from planning to execution. 

1st plan, 
Agent @spryflapper came up with a brilliant plan to make a base between India and Indonesia then form the layers from the south west of Sri Lanka. He also had planned to have Maldives involved but it was decided not to proceed with that because of the blockers. Connecting these three countries would make a historic field set. Having this in the plan we formed a team of three to layout the plans, we included agents from India for the execution plan and everything was set to execute on the 30th of August 2015. 

Blueprints were ready and agents were ready. The ground area for planned deployed was 932,965 km² . Just one day prior to the execution date the opposite faction started executing their field plan, we couldn’t do much as we were all geared up for our own plan. We watched them lay their fields and we should mention that it was a massive field and credit goes to the RES planners. 

ENL Agents involved in planning
@spryflapper– Initiator/ coordination 
@CMNisal– Intel/ Statistics
@thushethan- Intel/ communication

ENL Sri Lanka:
@chutinisa– Field/layering 
@DeathStar007- Field/layering 
ENL India:
@Gopir1594- Keys, coordinator
@Hu1kRage- Base link
@killcreek- X link clearing
@Kirtagon- Participated

The Enlightened were not so happy to see blue fields going up and we formed teams to bring the fields down. Some anchors were not in reach for the Sri Lankan Enlightened agents and we had to coordinate with international agents. We had no agents to dispatch to southern and the northern parts of the country where the anchors were, alas it was a public holiday in Sri Lanka and public transportation was not fully functional. The following morning after 2 CP from the deployment of the RES fields we were able to reach the anchors and bring them down. Ingress Intel map COMM came very handy to find active agents in other countries (India and Indonesia) who could break the anchors. It was no easy task scanning Intel map, deploying agents, giving Intel support and dispatching agents when the fields were re-made. I would like to specially thank the following agents in their action in bringing down the RES fields.

Agents involved in bringing down the RES fields
Sri Lanka 
@AgentShAvi- Madhu
@Siddharth91- Madhu
@A300F- Sithulpawwa


2nd Plan, the counter plan
Obviously we had to plan something bigger than the 1st plan, we re-engaged idea of extending to Maldives and the 1st plan was extended to an island there. It was the same field plan, but with 2 extra layers from the Maldives. The selected layers in the Maldives were very remote and I had to say the agents in Maldives were very quick in responding and executing the plan. The moment the plan finalized they took the ferry for hours before they reached the island and were the first to be ready for this op.

The Maldivian Agents involved in the planning
@Flacktus- intel, moral support 
@Skullsoldiers- key transport
@XplodingdoG- finding anchors in the Maldives

After the RES fields were down, it was time to execute the 2nd plan and we decided that we would bring the green fields up in time for the 10:30 PM cycle.
Clearing the blockers in India;
Some of the credit here goes to the RES and a wonderful agent @encrypterr cleared a major friendly blocker for us. India being a big country, reaching blockers was not so easy, and this Resistance agent was a blessing.

Clearing the blockers in the Maldives;
Our heartiest gratitude goes to the team in the Maldives dedicating themselves for this op, traveling long distances in boats just to break blockers.

Clearing the blockers
Sri Lanka;
@AgentShAvi- Vavniya - Blocker Breaking
@Siddharth91- Vavniya - Blocker Breaking
@A300f- Katharagama - Blocker Breaking
@GeneralALCAZARR- Galle - Blocker Breaking
@sam356- Tangalle Blocker Breaking
@Sanhinda- Tangalle - Blocker Breaking
@peththa- Aluthgama - Blocker Breaking

The Maldives
@Inferius007- Blocker Breaking

@killcreek- Breaking a blocker far from the anchor.
@encrypterr- RES agent who cleared a major blocker

Layering (the field agents) 

Sri Lanka
@DeathStar007- Field/layering(New Onyx Illuminator)
@CMNisal- Field/layering
@chutinisa- Field/layering(New Onyx Illuminator)
@Spryflapper- Field/layering
@thushethan- Field/layering(New Onyx Illuminator)

@Hu1kRage- 1st layer which is the base link.

The Maldives
@deftstar- Field/layering
@XplodingdoG- Field/layering
@5nakeEyes- Field/layering(New Onyx Illuminator)
@Thakuleef- Field/layering(New Onyx Illuminator)

The 1st link went up from the south west of Sri Lanka to India and Indonesia while at the same time agent from India made the base link and making 15+ Million MU as the first field.

Agents @DeathStar007, @CMNisal, @Spryflapper, @chutinisa and @thushethan completed 11 

layers before getting the Maldivian agents to do the final layering. Links were made longer than 2200Km and each layer added 15+ Million MU. The Maldivian agents then made 2 fields, each with 27+ Million MU.

5 Agents managed to secure the Illuminator Onyx medal and most of the agents were able to beat their previous records for longest link and largest field in terms of MU. also 

@KVnayag- sacrificed a 70 day guardian and agent @thusethan sacrificed a 167 day guardian

Massive thank to all the other agents involved in this operation. 

The Sri Lankan Enlightened coordinated with agents from India, Maldives and Indonesia to create massive fields worth 250+ Million MU on 30th August 2015.

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