via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

Azmati's uncle reaches out to +Hank Johnson -- Prime Transdimensional Objects in his care have begun to react oddly, and he fears this may be the result of a disturbance within the Portal Network.


Originally shared by Hank Johnson

I received an urgent communication from Azmati’s uncle. The cryptic message revealed that some of the Prime Transdimensional Objects in his possession have been reacting oddly, as if triggered by something, maybe some kind of disturbance within the Portal Network.

If you recall, these Objects are powerful and rare Artifacts that can interact with Exotic Matter, like the Shōnin Stone. They are the true, original Transdimensional Artifacts that people across time have attempted to recreate and, failing to do so, created patterns and symbols to represent them... models to represent the power that we no longer possess. But the original Artifacts still exist. There are very few of then, and they are guarded fanatically.

Azmati’s family has been protecting some of them for 13MAGNUS for many generations. Others were in the possession of Jahan and her people. 

The message from Azmati's uncle seems to be one of foreboding. He said he could not be specific, but that he believes it to be a foreshock for what could happen very soon, perhaps at Persepolis. Or, maybe it is something that has already happened there. 

As you know, I did not go to Persepolis based on Devra’s advice.  Will have to wait and see what happens, then react.