via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

As ‪#‎Abaddon‬ approaches, +Klue S. begins the process of unraveling the mystery that lies at its heart.


Originally shared by Klue S.

There's a mystery leading into #Abaddon, and I intend to solve it.

What happened to the researchers? Why did they all vanish on the eve of Jahan's strange ritual at the 13MAGNUS Nest in Afghanistan? What, really, are the N'zeer? Is ADA alive? 

So many questions. If we start with the questions, we'll never get anywhere. So let's start with the evidence.

In the coming days I'll be pulling all of this evidence into a document or chart so we can begin to see the connections.

In my gut, I know that we already know the answer to the question, we just need to put the pieces in the right order.

I'm choosing to start with Calvin, because he probably knew more about #Abaddon  than anyone, and that means we can learn things about it based on his past actions.

So, let's dive in.

I'll start:

o  We know that Calvin created the Niantic Project.

o  We know that Calvin has almost always been a step or two ahead of anyone else, as witnessed by his handling of Ni, Hulong and the Niantic shutdown.

o  We are pretty sure that Calvin is Anti-Magnus based on some conversations he has had.

o  We know that Calvin disappeared at the same time as the rest of the researchers did when Jahan performed the Shōnin Stone ritual.

What else? Let's put all the evidence on the table.