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Originally shared by John Kilcline

Introducing Google+ Collections on iOS

Google+ users on Android and the web are using Collections to connect with others around shared interests ranging from Homebrewing https://goo.gl/llrjAO, Climbing Junkie Photos https://goo.gl/Jeaaqr to Magical, Mystical Mountains https://goo.gl/OCM4mm and Marine Life https://goo.gl/4ISRZz. Today, we’re excited to announce Collections on iOS.

Create a Collection about something you’re interested in; make as many as you’d like;  and don’t worry about over sharing since people can follow just the Collections they like. 

Google+ users who have already created Collections asked us for the ability to customize who can see their Collections and if they could add taglines to describe them. We recently announced these features on Android and the web; today they are also available on iOS. To better explore the wide range of Collections https://goo.gl/437uWV already created, we announced last week that you can search for Collections on Google+ on Android as well. 

Thanks to everyone for these ideas. Please keep the feedback coming - we’re listening. Have questions about Collections?  Check out our Help Center http://goo.gl/zyIVMH or join this community for Help, Tips & Tricks: http://goo.gl/meRk8j.

To get Collections in your Google+ iOS app, download it here: https://goo.gl/0aYo0Y.

We can’t wait to see what Collections you create!