Originally shared by Avinash Kaushik

My latest post shares five incredible custom reports you can download directly into your GA account! http://goo.gl/6oEqj5 

I love Custom Reports feature in Digital Analytics tools. They allow us to do less data puking, to be more focused in what we look at, and to ensure that we can get to insights faster. 

I cover a clever technical solution to your worry if people are scraping your content, a sweet Social Media analysis one, something to force you to obsess about business outcomes - ecommerce and non! -, a plea from me to worry about cost and finally a sweet map data viz (below) that you can draw out for your management meetings.

Analytical horsepower is a premium in every company, why use that finite resource to just hunt and gather? Why not shift to analysis and spend more time in finding insights?

Here's the post:  Speed, Focus, Smart Insights: 5 Google Analytics Custom Reports FTW! http://goo.gl/6oEqj5