Originally shared by Niantic Project

Susanna Moyer reports on the #MissionDay in San Diego, where Klue S. and H. Richard Loeb were sighted together for the first time since Klue's separation from A Detection Algorithm, a difficult and possibly traumatic procedure orchestrated by Chapeau with the assistance of Agents around the world.

In the United States, Southern California Agents launched Operation: One Nation, a Cross-Faction Field Art installation celebrating the USA's Independence Day. In the Bordeaux region of France, Enlightened Agents undertook Operation SOFA, a Field Art project of their own designed to spread the message of Enlightenment. And finally, Resistance Agents across Europe and Asia launched Operation Summer Breeze, a massive Field-Op capturing over 5.5 Billion MU.

A new feature will be rolling out to Ingress Agents across the world this week. Ingress on Android Wear will enable Agents to hack Portals and collect XM using their Android smartwatches.