via Ingress​

via Ingress​

The +ソフトバンク - SoftBank Ultra Link: Range greater than Rare Link Amps, 16 outgoing Links (up from 8), and increased damage mitigation.


Originally shared by Niantic Project

According to recent news, the respected Japanese XM Researcher, Major Akira Tsukasa, was approached by the Technology and Communications corporation, SoftBank, to help develop a new kind of technology that could help unite Agents and communities, spreading good-will across great distances.

Called the SoftBank Ultra Link, this new technology strengthens the already valuable Link Amp Mod, adding additional Linking capabilities as well as increased Defensive powers.

Major Tsukasa shared these images from the SoftBank Ultra Link testing facility shortly after the first successful test of their new technology, to help share the news of their great accomplishment.