Been seeing a lot of folks talking about #IngressOrigins.

Originally shared by Tycho C.

Been seeing a lot of folks talking about #IngressOrigins.

I've been keeping my head low, but yeah, I'll confirm the rumors.

Are they visions like last time? Look, even when I was handing out the posters at #Comiccon  2012, I had no way to guarantee that what I'd seen was true, for the past, the present or the future. I had a feeling, and I guess it turned out I was right.

Maybe it'll be the same this time.

As for those of you who think I'm working with the NIA, and this is all some kind of propaganda. Think again. I'm having to watch my back everywhere I go.

When you see what I've seen, when you finally read these pages, you'll know why I'm paranoid about what they're capable of.