Diwali greetings from Agent Deepak Goyal​ 🎆

Diwali greetings from Agent Deepak Goyal​ 🎆

Pretty cool for your first field art, Agent!

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I started ingressing on my travels as my hometown had no portals (& I travel a lot). Recent activation of portals in #Jalna (about 20) couldn't bring me to play ingess as work schedule exhausted all the time. So when I heard of the #anomaly taking place in my home field/ training ground #Pune I knew I had to go.
After returning from #Pune with #IngressMania revived owing to the thumping #311-61 #Resistance win in the #Darsana anomaly and having been inactive on field in my hometown where I am the lone agent, Diwali called for an field art. After working on some probable options on Diwali eve (thanks to help from Snehal Ghone) , today I sneaked out of the house in the festive season to accomplish #MissionDiwaliArt . Driving on the streets amidst bursting firecrackers I found parking spots within portal range to make the required links. Amid that some kid lighted a rocket horizontally, instead of vertically, on the street just some 10 metres from me. The rocket flying straight towards my car, I stepped on the pedal, and it went right under my vehicle. With the sky lit up; it was bursts of colors both on scanner and d streets. Completed the field after facing minor hiccups such as gps error in the noon attempt, low level reso shortage) and made this simple field art.
Here wishing everyone a Happy Diwali & prosperous #NewYear with the #Diya of light that has come of ages in #India as a symbolic victory of Light over Dark, of Good over Evil, of freedom (Resistance) over subjugation.
Thanks to Rakesh Varma (@DoctorRV) Snehal Ghone (@MonsterSnail) Harshveer SAINI (@LorenzM) for providing SS of the art field (My phone data network was too slow for intel & I couldn't rotate the image for it to be comprehended aptly)
- Deepak Goyal (@Tatvayodha)

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