Practice exercises from Martin Stephenson's book.

Practice exercises from Martin Stephenson's book.

Love working on the tinted background - hadn't tried this in watercolors before. Will try with a lighter tint the next time.


  1. Great effort Pooja, it looks like you understood the need to start light
    with the furthest thing in the painting and mix stronger as you moved
    forward in the picture.
    Another thing to bear in mind especially with skies, is that though wet in
    wet it's possible to go too a wet which results in bleed marks that dry
    with hard edges called fondly 'cauliflowers'. This is something art buyers
    and those 'in the know' regard as a fault, though when you can control them
    can be used to your advantage.
    To avoid them try the following :-
    1 Ensure your mix is the consistency of milk.
    2 Moisten your brush then gently wipe in on an old towel, this avoids
    weakening the mix.
    3 When you first wet your paper make sure its not too wet. If there are
    puddles, mop them up before you put the paint on, it should have an even

    Hope that helps, I look forward to seeing yours and your circles paintings,
    so keep them coming.

    Warmest regards and happy painting !


  2. Incidentally Pooja I have recently been aware that some recent downloads
    are missing some of the latter pages from memory it had some 147 pages. Can
    I ask if that is the case with your copy, as some have been only 120 pages.
    Many Thanks

  3. Martin Stephenson thank you so much for your comments. I should have left the tint at the first wash but I went in with a second coat (before it dried) which led to the cauliflower. I'll try your tips on my next wash.

    I downloaded the book again from and compared it to the one I have (had downloaded it from a different source). The has only 134 pages (ends with lesson 18, the still life demo) while the other download has 157 pages. Let me know if you want me to email you the PDFs for comparison.

  4. Happy you are enjoying my free e-book.


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