It's a clean sweep by the Enlightened at #IngressKyoto

It's a clean sweep by the Enlightened at #IngressKyoto

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The Enlightened capture the #IngressKyoto Burst Operation

Excellent work by Agents on both Factions who braved the weather to neutralize and capture Kyoto Portals. This victory provides the Boulder Enlightened a needed morale boost as they prepare for Saturday's #Recursion XM Anomaly (, and local Enlightened continue to keep Artifact 03 from ADA's reach.

Total for Resistance this Operation = 100
Total for Enlightened this Operation = 1,130

#IngressKyoto - KYOTO - Measurement 3 Report

The Resistance owned 1 Volatile Portals and 1 Non-Volatile Portals
The Enlightened owned 4 Volatile Portals and 8 Non-Volatile Portals

The Resistance had 1 Link standing at Measurement Time
The Enlightened had 15 Links standing at Measurement Time

The Enlightened had 2 Anchored Fields standing at Measurement Time

Total for Resistance this Measurement = 40
Total for Enlightened this Measurement = 340

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 1:39 (Minutes:Seconds past the half-hour)
Padded: bRvinJYKSzspOKakQJx 1:39 gZlgtshryDM
MD5 of Padded String: d6fc0d8da2a69ba7f69d082a4f9c1155

Portal Ownership Details:
御所八幡宮の記念碑 (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
京都文化博物館 / Culture Museum Of Kyoto (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
イノダコーヒー三条店員 (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Cafe sculpture. Oike-dori St., (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
rokkakudo (VOLATILE) - Resistance
御所八幡宮鳥居 - Enlightened
INODA COFFEE - Enlightened
地蔵尊 高倉姉小路東入ル - Enlightened
中京郵便局 - Enlightened
新風館 - Enlightened
教諭所跡 - Enlightened
生活用水用井戸 - Enlightened
Higashinotoin Dori - Enlightened
堺町通 - Neutral
足利尊氏邸 等持寺跡の石碑 - Neutral
柳馬場通 - Neutral
御所八幡宮の常夜灯 - Neutral
朱装 - Neutral
双光山 明福寺 - Neutral
間之町通 - Neutral
takakura dori - Resistance


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