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I've been told this announcement from Roland Jarvis was just released by Hank Johnson in Boulder, CO, USA just after the end of the #Recursion Anomaly there.

Jarvis has announced the formation of a new organization... The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligences.

"'Artificial intelligences' should be the subject of our compassion, not fear. They deserve our compassion in the same way we would show compassion if we happened upon a young deer in the woods, struggling with an injury or deformity."

"You know what must be done, for the sake of all humanity. I will guide you in this mission."

"Join me. Today I am announcing a formal structure for this work-- 'The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligences.' We will use it to organize and draw others to our cause. We will use it to raise funds so that we may propagate our message to all who need to hear it."