#protips for #ingress Agents

#protips  for #ingress  Agents 

via Brandon Badger 

Originally shared by Epi demik

Latest version of Ingress Bootcamp adds full compatibility with Ingress v1.41.0 (current Play Store version). All screenshots and texts updated to comply with the latest version, and eBook has been optimized for Translation purposes. Any/all feedback is welcome, as always. 

FULL DOWNLOAD: http://ingressbootcamp.com 

CHANGELOG: https://plus.google.com/117864097339549812197/posts/FLyVgS1TcEd


  1. Agent Neomaster aka Vijay Raj features on Page 112 :-)

  2. He did mention it, i thought he  wasn't serious... :P

  3. David anil this is the beginner's guide I mentioned in the other post.

  4. Pooja Srinivas Thanks Pooja.... will look it up...


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