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Discover posts that your friends have +1’d

Many of the best photos, articles and videos we find online are the ones recommended by friends. So we're making it easier to discover these recommendations in your Google+ stream. Starting today:

- We'll occasionally highlight posts that were +1'd by people in your circles
- And if you +1 a post, we may highlight it to your friends as well

Circles help you control who can see your activity, as well as what appears in your main stream. So with today’s launch:

- You can visit your settings to decide who, if anyone, might see your +1s highlighted in the stream: http://goo.gl/CtZXk
- In all cases: friends will only see +1s and posts they already had permission to see, we’re just calling extra attention to them
- And of course: if you’re seeing too much activity from a given circle, you can always turn down its volume, or exclude it from Home entirely: http://goo.gl/EFLOy

We're rolling out this feature over the next few days, so look for the new “+1’d this" header, and let us know what you think!



  1. That means two things, first, be careful with what you +1 and when you +1, and get ready to receive more interesting information according to circles you have, I have a question there, if I'm reading my wave watchers circle these recommendations would appear just from +1 made by people in this circle or by all my circles?

  2. I think the recommendations show on the home stream but I'll let you know if I see otherwise. 

    And if you are concerned about who sees your +1s, you can control it here: https://plus.google.com/apps/google


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