#protips for #analytics and #adwords

#protips  for #analytics  and  #adwords  

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Analytics & AdWords: Better Together.

Next up in our ongoing series of Webinars, join Googlers Rachel Witalec and Simon Rosen, Global Sales Strategy Leads, for a detailed look at how to use Google Analytics and AdWords together. Learn more in our post: http://goo.gl/VXirm 

 In this webinar, we'll show you:
-Why it's important to link your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts
-How to see both Google Analytics data in AdWords and AdWords data in Google Analytics
-A live demo of the reports and how to use them

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Time: 10am PDT / 1pm EDT/ 6pm GMT
Duration: 1 hr
Level: 101 / Beginner
Register at: http://goo.gl/wc7OR


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