#CoolHangouts #developers

#CoolHangouts #developers

Originally shared by Google Chrome Developers

We're trying something new next week for our * #HTML5RocksLive * hangout - * #WebAppReviews !* On May 7th at 11am Pacific (19:00 GMT), we've invited Ernest Delgado, Paul Irish and Seth Ladd to take a look at your newest and coolest web apps and compliment your great skills or give you some tips on how you can improve your app! We'll even nominate our favorite web apps to be featured in the Chrome Web Store!

Developers, if you want to have your app reviewed and can join us live next Monday, submit your app and don't forget a link to the Chrome Web Store item to our Moderator queue at http://goo.gl/IKaZ3. Your app needs to be in the Chrome Web Store to be considered (you can use AppMator http://goo.gl/Pqk46 to quickly get it in), so be sure to get it in first!

Everyone else, use the voting buttons to vote--and tell us what you think using the "post a response" link under each item. The top apps will get reviewed on air next week starting at 11:00am.